Ortofon 2M Red Replacement Stylus


2M styli interchangeability

2M series styli are interchangeable within the below combinations:
– 2M Red, 2M Blue and 2M Silver
– 2M Bronze, 2M Black and 2M Black LVB 250
– 2M Mono and 2M 78

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Special for 2M Red, 2M Blue and 2M Silver phono cartridges:

– 2M Silver will be an upgrade compared to 2M Red due to a special suspension and silver plated copper wire material.
– 2M Blue is an upgrade compared to both 2M Red and 2M Silver thanks to Nude Elliptical diamond which retrieves information from the groove with a higher accuracy.


Stylus 2M Red

Frequency response - 20-20.000 Hz + 3 / - 1 dB Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force *) - 70 µm Compliance, dynamic, lateral - 20 µm/mN Stylus type - Elliptical Stylus tip radius - r/R 8/18 µm Equivalent stylus tip mass - 0.5 mg Tracking force range - 1.6-2.0 g (16-20 mN) Tracking force, recommended - 1.8 g (18 mN) Tracking angle - 20° *) Typical value Stylus colour - Red Recommended for following cartridges - 2M Red, interchangeable with 2M Blue. Stylus lifetime: with proper care we find that up to 1000 hours is possible without degradation of performance. Please read about stylus care on our FAQ.