Koetsu Black High End Cartridge


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From the world famous cartridge makers…KOETSU

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A rare find for New Zealand.

Costing new around $5000 plus this is the cartridge audiophiles often dream about owning. This is your chance.

This came off a Linn LP12 with very little use, like VERY LITTLE. Cartridge appears to be mint. No original box or paperwork.

It has been tested in store and sounds extraordinary as you would expect.

If you google this cartridge you’ll see what the world thinks. It’s right up there, without question.

Taken from the web…

Koetsu cartridges are made in small quantities by Fumihiko Sugano—the son of Koetsu’s founder, the late [Yoshiaki Sugano]. The elder Sugano, who came and went with the 20th century, created the basic Koetsu cartridge design, pioneering the use of high-purity metals in particular, and naming the company after his ancestor and role model, the 16th-century artisan Honami Koetsu.”

0.4 mV

Tracking Force:
1.8 – 2.0 gram

Approx. 30-100 Ohms

Output Impedance:
5 Ohms

Cartridge Mass:
Approx. 9g – 10g