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We have relocated to "159 Durham Street"

We are now in our new, brighter and larger store at 159 Durham Street!

The store is at the Elizabeth street end right next door to the Rock Shop.

We have lots of exciting new products from Naim, Plinius and Bose as well as many other brands.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Free Shipping on anything $99 and over (within New Zealand only)...Why choose Eastern Hi Fi ?

Our store is equipped with a comfortable demonstration room to enhance your purchasing experience. Recently we have also installed the latest Blue Wall technology from Bose. Everything on demo at the push of a button!

We are pleased to now offer everything you need in one place, however our dedication to online access of our products and services will not change, and we are working towards implementing new product lines to New Zealand's premier Hi Fi website as they become available.

Why buy hifi audio and video equipment from us?

Eastern Hi Fi (2011) Limited is the premier HiFi and Home Theatre retailer in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

The store has been operating since 1985, and was bought by Graham in 2011. Since going online in 2001, we've become one of New Zealand's leading Hi Fi websites, with lots of satisfied customers who have bought from us via this site.

Customer Testimonials
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  • Hi Graham The Cambridge Blu-ray and amplifier is amazing!! And now, so is my music. The speakers are everything I wanted, The look and the sound suit my room well. Apparently they will warm up over a number of hours as well. Very happy with the whole set up thank you. I am definitely an advocate for dealing with you and your web site, your advice and speed of delivery was superb and exceeded my expectation!
    Regards MB, Auckland
  • Graham, again you were spot on, These Slinkylinks are superb, absolutely world class. They have made my system come alive with a wonderful engaging sound, slightly forward but not what I would call bright, and the detail ....... at last I feel like I am hearing or seeing (if you like) the whole picture. In fact I would go so far as to say that over the past few months of trying new components and cables, varying combinations of both, etc, that the addition of just the Slinkylinks have made the …
    Greg, Tauranga
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