Sonos Boost Network Extender


Create a dedicated WiFi network for your Sonos system and enjoy uninterrupted listening.

Simply connect Boost to your router, and it will create a separate network free of any potential interference from other devices.
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Do I need Boost to use Sonos?

In most cases, your standard home WiFi network will support a Sonos system. Boost is needed when you have a weak WiFi connection or increased interference.

Is Boost a WiFi extender?

No. Boost is a device designed to help strengthen the connection between Sonos products in your home. It will not extend your home’s WiFi network or connect to other non-Sonos devices.

Can I have multiple Boosts on a single system?


Is Boost the same thing as Bridge?

Boost is the newer and more advanced version of Bridge. Both connect to your router to create a dedicated network for your Sonos system.

I already have a Sonos system set up. Can I add Boost?

Yes. Boost can be added to any Sonos system.

Does Boost set up WiFi in my home?

No. Boost can be wired to your router or used wirelessly to extend the range of an existing SonosNet wireless mesh network.

Does Boost come in black?

No. Boost is only available in white.


Product Guide

Take a comprehensive look at the setup, function, and maintenance of Boost. The user guide details all of its specifications and how to care for your Sonos product.

Boost user guide