Linn Akurate LP12 Turntable


Linn Akurate LP12 Turntable

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The Akurate LP12 is the mid-level deck from Linn, one of the world’s most highly regarded turntable manufacturers. Don’t be fooled about the level of performance it offers, though it might be Linn’s mid-level, it out shines many reference level decks.

With over 40 years of R&D behind the Akurate LP12, the musicality it offers is well beyond its price-point. The level of precision engineering that has gone into the upgrades that are standard on this model bring a level of performance that will take your breath away.

The Akurate LP12 is a massive step up in all aspect from the the entry level Majik LP12. It digs deeper into the vinyl grooves and brings out the subtleties and nuances we all hope to hear. And best of all, this turntable, along with all LP12 decks, is that they are modular. This will allow you to upgrade as you see fit, giving you the chance to have the highest quality of vinyl playback possible. This is a turntable that will last a life time.

Some of the features included are:

  • Sondek LP12 turntable
  • Kore sub-chassis and machined armboard
  • Lingo power supply and motor control unit
  • AC motor
  • Akito tonearm
  • Krystal moving coil (MC) cartridge
  • Linn Krystal features:

    Moving coil (MC)
    Precision machined 7075 aluminium body
    Triple-point mounting system
    Nude diamond stylus

    In a moving-coil cartridge, coils connected to the stylus move in relation to fixed magnets to create electrical signals. Moving-coil cartridges generally create a lower output than moving-magnet cartridges which means they should be partnered with a phono pre-amplifier with suitable impedance loading such as the Linn Uphorik.