Plinius Arataki Network Audio Conroller

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Arataki Network Audio Controller

The Arataki is a network controller that is an application for an iPad and is available from the iTunes store.

Designed so that the real benefits of having your music stored digitally on almost any kind of networked, wireless accessible storage device can be enjoyed with ease, the Arataki moves control of your music to your fingertips on a display that’s a real joy to engage with.

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View your library of music by album, artist or track. Select music to play immediately, or later from a playlist you build. Play the tracks in an order you select, or in a random manner the controller selects for you. With this controller you are in charge and it’s all so simple and intuitive to use.

The display colour can be changed to match the rest of your Plinius equipment and the styling is ‘Plinius’ from the linished appearance of the devices on the screen through to the buttons that replicate the control systems on the products themselves.

This product is the key to enjoying your digitally stored music. It creates an environment that can only be accessed if you have stored your music digitally. Wherever you are we invite you let our dealer network walk you into this digital Aratki world, where listening pleasure awaits your command.

Once you move into Plinius’ Arataki world it’s hard to imagine enjoying music any other way.