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Polk Audio RTi A9

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Floor standing speakers
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Available in Black or Cherry

Don’t be fooled by its great looks. Over three years in development, the RTi A Series represents the essence of the famous Polk sound—inviting, natural, lifelike audio reproduction. Why “natural” instead of “accurate?” Some speakers touted as “accurate” can be antiseptic—interesting at first but they become fatiguing. There’s a name for it: listener fatigue. Often it’s subconscious; you’ll find that as weeks pass you are listening to your system less and less. On the other hand, the RTi As are natural sounding, engaging and comfortable for long listening sessions, yet detailed and revealing.

The RTi A9 is a high performance powerhouse and the ultimate manifestation of our RTi A Series. Featuring Dynamic Balance® transducers—three 7-inch bass drivers, two 5 1/4-inch midrange drivers and a 1-inch high frequency dome tweeter—the RTi A9 will fill even the largest room with energy and excitement. With a mind blowing 500 Watt power capacity, these speakers can take everything you can give them and more. Watch high octane action movies in their full grandeur, or delight in an intimate jazz performance.

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