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Speaker Wires and Cables

We recommend Slinkylinks speaker cables and wires because they are top quality, made right here in New Zealand.

Slinkylinks is a NZ-owned company that specializes in manufacturing Pure Silver Audio Cable Products. 

When you plug a cable into an audio device to transport the signal to another device the signal becomes subject to any inherent inefficiencies of that cable. We end up listening to a dirty distorted signal where some frequencies will either seemingly disappear or become so disparate that we end up hearing only 80% of the detail. When this signal becomes amplified it simply amplifies the poor signal and the distortion and the lack of detail can become very noticeable, leaving you missing out on what is actually there. This has nothing to do with the device and is all because of the affect that poor audio cables have on the signal. 

Slinkylinks remove background noise and distortion giving you crystal clear audio every time. You will experience much greater detail and dynamics allowing you to experience everything from 10Hz through to 20kHz and beyond! 

Slinkylinks boasts a stunning response with a loss of only 0.01dB from 10Hz to 100kHz, the human ear physically responds to signals up to 20kHz but psychologically the ear responds to harmonics well above 20kHz as they help the brain put together the detail at the upper end of our register and affect the way we hear reproduced sound. 

As one of our customers wrote (April 2008) after installing one of our Slinkylink custom made/hand made headphone cables:

"The clarity of the music was apparent. Not too bright, not too sharp, just crystal clear. It is a mark of the cable's quality that it gets out of the way of the music, not imposing a distorted character to it. The cable looks fantastic. So good in fact it visually exposes the inadequacy of the standard Sennheiser cable on my 555s it connects to. I actually position my foot stool so all I can see is the Slinkylinks cable ... So much from one cable. Impressive."

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