Slinkylinks Bi Wire speaker cable IBW-1200 2M

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$990.00 each
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Slinkylinks IBW cable delivers you impressive sound through four separate cables in total. Each speaker benefits from having one independent cable for negative signals and another for positive signals. This approach guarantees a better earthing pattern in the crossover and reduces resistance. The gain through bi-wiring fluctuates; with a well designed crossover the benefits will be smaller, but will still yield a valuable sonic improvement. With a lesser designed crossover the result will be more explicit. The improved earthing in the crossover generally creates more bass and openness in the top-end. Can be terminated with Silver Pins by request.

Models & Prices:
IBW1200  2m IBW Speaker Cable  -     $990.00
IBW1250  2.5m IBW Speaker Cable  -  $1190.00
IBW1300  3m IBW Speaker Cable  -     $1390.00
IBW1400  5m IBW Speaker Cable  -     $1790.00
IBW1500  5m IBW Speaker Cable  -     $2190.00
IBW1600  6m IBW Speaker Cable  -     $2499.00

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