Plinus Koru Phono Pre Amplifier

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It is now ten years since the PLINIUS Jarrah was introduced. It is hard to believe that this venerable Phono Preamplifier has held its position as one of the top phono preamplifiers available, virtually without change for that period of time.

The interest in vinyl reproduction is showing no hesitation and with such a strong demand for phono based systems it is time for the PLINIUS Team to introduce a dedicated phono preamplifier in line with our current thinking.

This is the first product developed by PLINIUS with market input from our new European distribution team. Obviously any new PLINIUS product has to be compatible with our new look and the new KORU Phono Preamplifier is presented in the Ross Stevens inspired curved chassis, with a slight twist.

The chassis is actually two-in-one, allowing physical separation of the power supply from the amplification circuitry.

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