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Focal Sib XL

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$675.00 Pair
Home Cinema
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Sib XL
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The Focal Sib XL loudspeaker was created to harmonize with flat panel Plasma and LCDs. Sib XL is delivered with the Polyfix® wall mount, which allows vertical and horizontal installations. Bop (short) and Hop (tall) are optional stands to make of Focal Sib XL a totally universal sound solution. 
The Sib satellite loudspeaker, the range’s first foray into the universe of high-fidelity sound, can now look back on an impressive longevity as an entry-level compact acoustic speaker. No compromises were made on the acoustic performance, as shown by the impressive list of awards the speaker has won around the world.

Sib was designed to simplify daily life, with its own integrated stand-wall mount. Whether you’re using it for music or video content, and thanks to its exceptionally practical design and the multiple ways it can be mounted Sib will easily fit into your lifestyle.

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