Customer Comments

Thanks for the Tivoli radio’s, they are great. Thanks for the good service. Much appreciated"
Regards Robyn Feliding
28 February 2009
"Hi Graham, I have received the Tivoli radio and am really pleased with the way it sounds. Thank you very much for your prompt and professional service. It was very much appreciated."
Mathew, Rotorua
9 December 2008
"Well, I read the manual as you suggested, and have already copied several records with the digital files having amazing quality. The LENCO turntable is a wee beaut! I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to didgitize their LP's. Thanks for you help."
Colin, Christchurch
30 September 2008
Thank you for this power conditioner. It is one of the most dramatic improvements I have heard to my stereo system (after having changed loudspeakers, amplifier and CD player!). The violins no longer sound like trumpets
Mark Wolk
7 September 2008
Jack and I appreciate your kindness in coming to our house last Saturday to get our Bose system working after the carpet layers messed things up. Your persistance paid off and our outdoor speakers made the party a sucess. Thankyou for backing up your products with great service. Enjoy the wine.
M and J Ohope
16 April 2008
I enjoy making incremental gains within a system, changing one piece at a time and absorbing each new item in its own time. And so my old Sennheiser extension cable gave way to the Slinkylinks (custom made/hand made headphone) cable ... The clarity of the music was apparent. Not too bright, not too sharp, just crystal clear. It is a mark of the cable's quality that it gets out of the way of the music, not imposing a distorted character to it. The cable looks fantastic. So good in fact it visually exposes the inadequacy of the standard Sennheiser cable on my 555s it connects to. I actually position my foot stool so all I can see is the Slinkylinks cable ... So much from one cable. Impressive.
8 April 2008
I purchased a new Pro-Ject turntable - Graham's open and honest approach made the purchase easy and rewarding. He recommended the correct cartridge combination, set the turntable up to perfection and packaged the goods to ensure everything arrived in safely. I'm blown away by the turntable and stoked I have meet a dealer I can rely on for an honest opinion, competitive pricing and superior service.
Richard, New Plymouth.
8 April 2008
I would like to thank Graham for introducing me to Hifi. It has increased my music listening pleasure by 100%, and I am now listening to music outside of my comfort zone such as Jazz and Blues. Although I had visited Graham's store in Whakatane I live in Auckland. I purchased my gear through his website. The best NZ site I found. Graham was a pleasure to deal with. We had a minor hickup with installation and Graham sorted it in short notice. By the way the Rotel gear is excellent.
Dal, Auckland
15 March 2008
Hi Graham, I have just received the Marantz SA17Si. This Premium item is incredibly special. Design is brilliant and sound also. I`m fully satisfied with this super product. My B & W 805 Nautilus speakers are sounding better now. Many thanks for everything you have done.
Ivan K, Manchester UK
13 March 2008
Just like to thank you sending the cables – after a good weekend use of them I can safely say a fine investment and a real eye opener about how much atmosphere is revealed with them. I’m so excited about them because I now know that whatever speakers I get at a later date will be performing at their best. Oh and another thing I noticed is that before if I went into another room I could only hear the stereo muffled in the distance but now it seems to – almost – travel through the walls and remain clear wherever I am in the house… Gosh, back in my old stereo days (ha! the last century the 1990’s) when I had quad valves and quad ESL’s and a beaut reference CD player, I kept on experimenting with more and more ‘purer’ copper cables from audioquest and the like. But it just got too expensive for such minimal change. With these slinky links cables I now know the sound I was trying to remove and clear up was the actual cables themselves! Anyway cheers - nice one!
Carl, Auckland
16 January 2008
Thanks, Graham. I really appreciate the first class service and will let people know that you are a good guy to do business with. I will certainly be back. Payment will be in your account tomorrow.
19 October 2007
Hi Graham, Just letting you know I found the sound from the little amp was AWESOME. It turned up on my doorstep at 7.30 the next morning, and I had it going by about 7.32!!! Tighter bass and much more detailed high end than both the Denon and Onkyo amps I had used. It was a real pleasure to talk to you on the phone and get some good honest advice. (and a good chat too.) Can you let me know if you have any second hand, or reasonably cheap tuners, as I will never use Trade Me again after the great deal and service from you, so will have to bug you when I need something.
S. C., Hamilton
20 September 2007
We recently purchased our second Bose system from David Cockburn at Eastern Hi Fi. We had specifically returned to Eastern due to our impressive first encounter with him as a Sales Representative approximately ten years ago when we purchased our original Bose system.The purpose of this letter is to commend him to you. David's polite, informative and attentive manner to our particular needs continues to highly impress us. Any question or detail which he is not immediately certain of, he takes the time and effort to find out for us, however his vast product knowledge is rarely put to the test! David genuinely appears to want the customer to obtain the system which will best suit their listening and lifestyle needs, rather than simply 'complete a sale'. His professionalism is of the highest standard and we continue to recommend him and your store to everyone we meet, as 'word of mouth' is such a valuable source of new business.

We appreciate his invaluable assistance in our most recent Bose purchase, as well as the support of the Tauranga Office Manager, Bruce Devlin, as he provided a great deal of information to us, which helped in the formation of our final decision.

Your Tauranga team are an asset to your entire company and we will continue to support them in our future purchases.
Yours truly, B and M, Tauranga
31 October 2004
Hi Bruce Just a quick note to say I'm really enjoying my new Yamaha Aventage RX-A830. Sounds great. I'm plugging my iPod in more than playing CDs. Haven't got wired internet sorted to that part of the house yet, but am looking forward to listening to internet music too. Will call in again when I'm over that way to ask about bi-wiring. The Yamaha sounds so good I'm in no hurry to get that new power amp! Danny, Rotorua
30 November -0001
Hi Graham. You made our choice very easy. Being in the 'older' group of the public we can find it hard to understand new technology. We are delighted with our Bose music system. It is so simple to use. Very happy! Thanks.
R & Y N, Whakatane
30 November -0001
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