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Plinus SA Reference Power Amplifier

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With the development of the PLINIUS Odeon, SB-300 and SA-201 it became apparent that the SA-250 had been eclipsed as our reference product. We therefore set about correcting the imbalance.

While we continue to champion our asymmetric approach to circuit design we have refined the operation of our output stage with by far the largest improvement being in the high frequency performance.

Along with other refinements we have managed to improve on the SA-250, and exceed the new standard set by our other products. We are proud to announce that a new PLINIUS Reference has been created. The PLINIUS Reference Amplifier has been designed specifically to work as either a balanced mono-block, or a stereo amplifier. As a balanced mono-block the SA-Reference will exceed 1kW of pure balanced amplification.

In PLINIUS tradition, premium components have been used throughout and Class A operation is maintained to over 100 Watts per Channel while 300 Watts is available in stereo mode to direct and control the most demanding speaker systems.

The PLINIUS SA-Reference amplifier embodies all that we have learned in the past few years and while modeled on the Classic SA look it has been given some aesthetic changes to bring it into line with our present styling.

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